Los Angeles to Las Vegas updates 2022

High-Speed Train from California to Las Vegas

It's 2022 and with costs of living rising more and more each year in the Los Angeles area, it's increasingly difficult to find an affordable home—that's why many residents are looking to relocate from California to Las Vegas. Not only is Las Vegas a bustling city filled with tons of new growth, a thriving job market, and nearly unlimited entertainment, but Las Vegas homes here are also almost three times more affordable, on average, than homes in Los Angeles. And now, travel between the two cities is easier than ever thanks to the newly announced high-speed train! 

Use this page as your guide to all of the latest updates on the LA to Vegas high-speed train, and learn a little more about the benefits of relocating to this affordable city. Any questions? Just give us a call?

High-Speed Travel

Need to jet off to Los Angeles for an afternoon or make a weekly commute to the area? The newly announced high-speed train will connect the Las Vegas strip to the Victor Valley area, running nonstop for a trip that totals around 75-90 minutes. The train will zoom along at 150 miles per hour and will revolutionize travel between the cities. 

The project is estimated to take about three years to complete, and construction will start at the beginning of 2022. As plans are finalized and construction begins, we'll be updating this page to make sure you don't miss any of the latest info! 

Why Las Vegas?

Relocating can be a challenge...but it's much easier when you can look forward to making the move to a city like Las Vegas. In addition to the high-speed train, Vegas also has a few more impressive projects on the horizon, including a brand new NFL stadium that's soon to be home to the Raiders! Affordable home prices, tons of parks and hiking trails, jobs in nearly every field—there's a lot more to love about life in Vegas. Find out more with our guide to relocating!

The Latest Updates

Plans Approved

Get a little more information on what the initial plans entail, including the runtime, route, and cost.

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California Approves Bond

The state recently approved a $3.2 billion bond that will help cover costs within the state for things like maintenance, infrastructure, construction, and more. 

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Benefits for Vegas and Victor Valley

There are plenty of perks that'll come to both areas thanks to the development of the train—read more about them here!

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Relocating to Las Vegas?

We're here to help! Feel free to browse our relocation guide, as well as our resources for buyers, and be sure to check this page for any updates on the high-speed train. If you have any questions or are ready to kick off your relocation journey, just give our team a call!

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