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Fontana City and School Info

Fontana, the second most populated city in San Bernadino county is home to just under 215,000 residents.  Fontana's affordable home prices along with its award winning Etiwanda school district located in North Fontana draws many to this suburb.  Originaly known for being rural and just a dusty pass-through while driving the famous route 66, Fontana's fast growing community has recently experienced new  developments of major shopping centers, newly planned communities, award winning schools, and quiet suburb living that one simply cannot experience in the city of LA.    

Fontana School District contains 45 schools total ranging from K - 12th grade.

  • Almond Elementary School
  • Beech Elementary School
  • Kathy Binks Elementary School
  • Canyon Crest Elementary School
  • Chaparral Elementary School
  • Citrus Elementary School
  • Cypress Elementary School
  • Date Elementary School
  • Dorothy Grant Elementary School
  • Hemlock Elementary School
  • Juniper Elementary School
  • Live Oak Elementary School
  • Locust Elementary School
  • Mango Elementary School
  • Maple Elementary School
  • North Tamarind Elementary School
  • Oak Park Elementary School
  • Oleander Elementary School
  • Palmetto Elementary School
  • Poplar Elementary School
  • Ted Porter Elementary School
  • Primrose Elementary School
  • Randall Pepper Elementary School
  • Redwood Elementary School
  • Shadow Hills Elementary School
  • Sierra Lakes Elementary School
  • South Tamarind Elementary School
  • Tokay Elementary School
  • West Randall Elementary School

Fontana Middle Schools

  • Adler Middle School
  • Fontana Middle School
  • Wayne Ruble Middle School
  • Sequoia Middle School
  • Southridge Middle School
  • Harry S. Truman Middle School

Fontana High Schools



Etiwanda School District consists of 

Great homes, great shopping, Golf clubs, parks make up this great city.


Fontana is located approximately 50 miles outside of Los Angeles so for those who would have to commute, the San Bernadino line of the MetroLink is usually their choice.


FONTANA SERVICES DIRECTORY for housing, police, community servies, building and safety, etc 


Fontana was first established in 1913 by 


Fontana Utility companies consist of Southern Californica Edison and Southern California Gas Company

Etiwanda School District serves grades Kindergarten - 8th grade. What are the Etiwanda school district boundaries.  For those looking to get an educational head start for their kids, their is Fontana pre-school program at CLOUDS Preschool within the Etiwanda School District.

Etiwanda Pre-School has 1 Fontana location - please call C.L.O.U.D.S to see which one your student will be most likely placed:

East Heritage Elementary School
14250 E.Constitution Way
Fontana, California 92336




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