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There is something that you'll notice when visiting or buying a home in the South Long Beach, CA coastal areas of Belmont Heights, Bluff Heights, Bluff Park, Naples and Belmont Shore.  The residents do not merely exist in South Long Beach, they LIVE!  There is always a buzz of activity whether you are a student or a retiree, there is always something for you to do!

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Long Beach - Enjoy the Sunshine

As with other beach towns, there is a strong sense of outdoor living.  In Long Beach it is very common to see people walking their dogs, cycling, jogging, skating down the bike path or zipping down Ocean Blvd on a vespa.  Long Beach is very reminiscent of many popular European destinations where people spend more time outdoors than in.  It wasn't until she mentioned it that it occurred to me how many people living in other cities are missing out!  Most of their "down" time is probably spent indoors.  We're in sunny CA where there is year-round mild weather, so get up, get out and start beach living folks!  

GET OUT - Know They NeighborBeach Picnic in Long Beach

Living entails growing in your relationships.  It is fairly easy to get to know your neighbors in South Long Beach because of the daily, monthly or yearly community events that take place.  Several neighborhoods have grand annual block parties for their local residents.  It's a great opportunity for neighbors to reacquaint themselves or welcome new ones in, creating an even stonger sense of community! 

Belmont Shore has an annual Stroll and Savor event sponsored by over 30 area restaurants that also brings residents together to sample local restaurant fare.  Of course there's the very popular annual Sea Festival event that draws thousands into South Long Beach throughout the summer months.  Getting up, getting out and living can be something as simple as walking your dog and catching up with acquaintances.  Don't be surprised to overhear people discussing current events in-between stories about the unidentifiable object their terrier dug up.

Retire in Long Beach CALONG BEACH LIVING IS FOR ALLLong Beach Roller Derby Girl on Vespa

Even for the few homebodies to be found in South Long Beach, they still manage to take advantage of the outdoors when they share their backyards, courtyards or patios with close friends, family and neighbors.  With year-round sunny weather, Long Beach living can be enjoyed every day of the year! 

Start Beach Long Beach Living Now!  - Life is Too Short Not to Love Where You Live!  If you would love to get up, get out and start beach living and find a Long Beach Home today or need a Home Value Quote on your current Long Beach home, do not hesitate to call me at 310-508-4354. 


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