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If you're a Lakewood first time homebuyer ready to purchase your first home in 2024, you owe it to yourself to explore the affordable real estate available in Lakewood CA. Lakewood is located in Los Angeles County. It is bordered on the east by Cypress, bordered on the south and west by Long Beach, and on the north by Bellflower.  To the southeast you'll find Hawaiian Gardens, and to the northeast you'll find Cerritos.


As you can see, a home in Lakewood would put you right in the middle of many popular destinations. It's a great way to find an affordable home close to the city and within minutes of nearby city beaches, without having to pay the high real estate prices that you'll find in many other southern California neighborhoods.


About The Lakewood Neighborhood


Lakewood owes its origin as a housing community to the post-World War II housing boom. Prior to the 1950s, the area was largely used for agriculture. However, by the 1960's Lakewood was well established as an American suburb.


When driving through or visiting Lakewood you will first notice the "Tree City USA " signs everywhere.  Why?  Lakewood  boasts of over 20,000 trees down tree-lined streets, in parks and parkways.  Many are on tree-lined streets of all Jacaranda, Valley Oak, CA Sycamore and CA Laurel creating picturesque drive throughs, visits and serene residential living!



Lakewood CA Home with Curb AppealThe Lakewood Real Estate Market in 2024


Here you'll find boulevards, landscaped medians, and attractively arranged neighborhoods. With interest rates and real estate costs both being at low levels, now is a great time to explore the possibilities of owning your own home in Lakewood. Contact one of our real estate agents today to find your new home.


You'll find Lakewood to be conveniently located, within close commuting distance from many popular destinations and convenient amenities, such as parks, shopping areas, schools, restaurants and grocery stores.


If you have children, you'll also be happy to learn that according to the 2010 United States Census, approximately 40% of the households in Lakewood had children under the age of 18.



Selling a Home in Lakewood, CA 2024


For home sellers, finding a Lakewood Realtor to get your home sold fast is as easy as filling out our contact form for a free market evaluation. We’ll take it from there. With our extensive marketing campaigns for both online and offline avenues, you’ll get your home sold in no time! We will ensure your home gets seen by as many local home buyers as possible and as many out of towner’s looking at our beautiful website where your home will be featured!



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