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Signal Hill Real Estate 2024

Signal Hill overlooking Long Beach If you prefer small city living instead of the big city lifestyle, Signal Hill could be just what you've been looking for. As part of the Greater Los Angeles area, this small city is surrounded completely by Long Beach on all sides and is often mistakened for being a neighborhood in Long Beach.


This small city was originally incorporated in 1924, not long after the discovery of oil in the area. If you're looking for a great place to buy a home in southern California, you owe it to yourself to discover what Signal Hill has to offer.


Buying a Home in Signal Hill 90755 in 2024


Since Signal Hill has a nice variety of house prices, it can be a good choice for first time buyers as well as for those who are looking for larger homes. Call one of our real estate agents today, and let us show you what's in store for you in this area. You may just find the home of your dreams in Signal Hill.


About the Signal Hill Neighborhoods


The story of how Signal Hill got its name is interesting. In the middle of what is now Long Beach, there stands a hill that is higher in altitude as compared to the surrounding area. The Tongva Indians that originally lived in this area would utilize the hill for their signal fires. Signal Hill was then used as an outdoor filming location by a California movie studio between 1913 and 1923.


Prior to the discovery of oil in the area, the lower areas around the hill were used for agriculture, while homes were built upon the hill. After the discovery of oil, the hill itself soon became the site of dozens of oil derricks.


Its incorporation in 1924 was undoubtedly an attempt to avoid becoming annexed by Long Beach, since this annexation would have probably interfered with the profitability of the oil business. Although today a few of the oil wells and pumps still remain, it's primarily a residential and commercial area.


About The Signal Hill Real Estate Market in 2024


Because of it's previous history as a prolific oil field, the neighborhoods of Signal Hill were primarily established during the 1980s and 1990s. You'll find that the majority of the homes in this area were built during this time period. However, you'll also find a nice assortment of both older and newer homes from which to choose.


Signal Hill Amenities and Attractions


Signal Hill neighborhoods offer close proximity to a number of amenities, including restaurants, grocery stores, shopping areas, parks and schools. Although Signal Hill is a fairly small town, it does include several nice parks. The largest of these parks is Signal Hill Park, located in close proximity to the Community Center, library and police department.


Hilltop Park is another popular attraction, providing some great views of the surrounding area. Reservoir Park and Discovery Well Park are other popular options. If you enjoy walking and hiking you'll love living in the Signal Hill area, since it features a number of pedestrian trails in the area to enjoy.


Signal Hill Homes For Sale 2024


The majority of the homes in Signal Hill were built during the 1980s and 1990s, after the oil drilling in the area began to wane. You'll find a wide variety of home sizes and styles in this area. However, many of the homes fall into the 1,000 to 1,400 square feet size range. You'll also find a wide range of home prices in the area.


Selling a Home in Signal Hill


For a free home evaluation, please contact one of our Realtors servicing Signal Hill by filing out our contact form. We’ll help determine a price range and show you the local competition. Knowing what today’s market has to offer is crucial in pricing your home correctly.


More buyer’s will see your home in the first three weeks than any other time, and pricing it right will ensure the best price possible while your home is still hot on the market. For more information, please contact us today! 310-508-4354

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