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Andi is very professional and knows how to handle a tough client (me!) to steer bumps in transaction process towards solutions. I have also worked with several agents (5 or 6) and so far Andi has by far been the most knowledgeable and professional (she comes from a professional background from her  prior career, which I find to be an advantage). While being professional Andi has a very personable manner, and it is a pleasure working with her. And what I find one of the most important things is Andi's responsiveness and willingness to go beyond to get things done. - FocusedREInvestments

Andi just helped us sell our mom's home in Inglewood, and we could not be happier with how the process has been from start to finish. Andi is very knowledgeable, hard working, and really goes the extra mile to make sure that your home shows in the best possible light and with the most exposure.   She really knows her craft and is super detail oriented so that there are no unpleasant surprises at any point during escrow. She truly is a one-of-a-kind real estate professional, and I would not hesitate to use her again or recommend her to family and friends. She was a joy to work with! - Jones Family

Andi's demeanor and professionalism is second to none. Although she was in charge and on top of all matters, she always reminded me that I had the final word. She turned an otherwise stressful process into a great and rewarding experience. She's definitely a team player.  I recommend her highly. B. Bozeman

Andi has been a dream come true! Think of all the qualities you look for in a real estate agent: knowledgeable, attentive, smart, professional, assertive when needed, honest, and with your best interests in mind, and SHE DELIVERS! Andi was so patient with my husband and I. We didn't know quite what we wanted, and what we did love, we couldn't afford. She got us a home we didn't think had a chance getting. Every time we saw a house we liked or had an issue during escrow, she was on it. The process of buying a home was stressful (especially with the mortgage companies these days), but Andi was like a shield who fought for us with grace, of course, and got us into our new home :) I highly recommend her. For those of you who haven't used a Realtor yet and are new to the home buying world, it's a jungle out there and having a good real estate agent matters much more than you realize. Very few real estate agents exhibit even some of the qualities listed above, but Andi has them all.The Weaver Family 

"Andi was exceptional!..."  -- Soriano Family (as Sellers)

"Thank you for EVERYTHING that you did for us... resulting in a successful close. We love love love our new home." J. Juarez 

Andi was very professional and responsive to me. She knew about the First Time Homebuyer's program and the real estate process in general. She only showed me homes in my price range as I requested and worked around my schedule to show them to me. In the end she found me a home with all of the qualifications I was looking for and I love my choice. I would highly First Time Home Buyers Southgate - The Reyes Family 2013recommend Andi to anyone looking for an agent - Matthews Family   

"Andi was very helpful and cared about what I wanted as a first time home buyer" (G. Ruiz - Buyer)

What Did You like About Working with Andi?:  Professionalism, Fast response, Informative, Listened to Us and of course "Success!" N. Kwok (seller)

Long Beach - The Albers Family

Long Beach First Time Home Buyers - The Albers family

"Andi was very professional, always there regardless of what the issue was.  She was prompt to return calls, texts and emails.  Andi is an excellent agent!" -- The Naggar Family - Westchester, CA 

"Great Communication and Committment...Andi, Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication!" -- Soriano Family   Upgrade Home Buyers 

"The whole process from beginning to end, as nerve racking as it can be, was presented to us in an easy to-go package...every step of the process my wife and I were well informed and we never felt pressured. Working with Andi was great..."--The Thomas Family 

On a scale of 1 - 10 in rating categories of "Knowledgeable"  "Went Out of Her Way to Help" "Cared About Your Needs" and "Worked Hard For You" rated a 10+2! -- The Gonzales Family 


"Andi I look forward to working with you, so far you have exhibited nothing but professionalism and that weighed a lot in my decision to go with your client.  I had three offers..." Ray Bennett (Broker/Listing Agent)

"Thank you for staying on top of everything so well - it's a pleasure to work with you and I wish all agents were on the ball like you! -- D. Seidel (Listing Agent - Westchester, CA)

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