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Los Angeles, CA, most popularly known as LA and nicknamed the "City of Angels" is the 2nd largest city in the United States with over 3.7 million people living within it's borders according to the 2010 U.S. Census.  Los Angeles is comprised of over 80 districts and neighborhoods scattered across a land area of well over 450 square miles.  

Outdoor Things to Do in Los Angeles

Depending on your mood on any given day, with mountains to L.A.'s north, deserts to it's east and the Pacific ocean to it's south and west, Los Angeles is a prime location to explore all that the outdoor life has to offer. 

Los Angeles Diversity

Los Angeles is home to the most diverse communities in all the U.S averaging over 270 in the racially diverse index when the national average is 100. With over 140 countries and over 200 known languages spoken, Los Angeles is a virtual melting pot. 

Los Angeles Weather is considered mild by most states' standards all year round.  With mild to hot summers and somewhat cool winters and precipitation levels barely reaching 20 inches annually in the city's center most years. 

Los Angeles Traffic is no secret to the rest of the country.  It's horrible.  According to 2009 stats, "almost 80 percent of employed city residents drive to work in private vehicles, while 10 percent use public transportation." With those types of staggering numbers, it's no wonder why Los Angeles was also voted the number 1 congested metro areas in the United States by's National Traffic Scorecard for 2010.  The numbers have not deterred people from flocking to the glamorous city by the thousands each month.

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